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Have you suffered a serious work injury? You could have one or more avenues to get the support you need to get back on your feet and back to work. Getting that support, which may include benefits and compensation, is often easier said than done, though. Legal complexities and insurance companies can sometimes get in between an injured NYC worker and the help they need to recover.

At Harris Firm, LLC in Queens and the Bronx, we proudly stand up for injured workers in all industries. If you were hurt at work or while completing a work-related duty, know that we have your back. As attorneys with vast experience dealing with workers’ compensation cases, we are prepared to handle any part of your case. Whatever needs to be done to get you the recovery you deserve, we’ll be ready.

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Why Do Workplace Injuries Happen in Queens, NY?

In Queens, workplace injuries happen for many different reasons. Many cases involve simple mistakes by workers who ended up hurting themselves in an accident. Other times, an employer’s or third party’s negligence could be the root cause of the injury. The cause behind your workplace injury will influence what types of compensation could be available to you.

If you were hurt due to your own on-the-job mistake and you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, we can help you file a workers’ comp claim. If you were hurt due to another party’s mistakes while working and you aren’t covered by workers’ comp, we can help you decide if pursuing a civil injury claim will be possible. Furthermore, in uncommon cases, an injured worker might be able to file a workers’ compensation claim and a civil injury claim.

What Qualifies as a Workplace Injury?

Any injury that occurs while you are at work or while you are completing a work-related task can qualify as a workplace injury. The same is true of illnesses that develop due to the circumstances of your occupation. The challenge of work injury claims is often in the task of proving that the injury should be counted as a workplace injury, especially when a work injury happens outside the typical workplace. Our Queens workplace injury lawyers can investigate your case to find the best way to prove that your injury should be considered a workplace or work-related injury.

Evidence that can help prove that your injury is related to your work includes:

  • Injury report
  • Workplace safety history
  • Coworker statements
  • Medical records
  • Workplace security footage
  • And more

Common Examples of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can take many different forms, such as:

  • Fall injuries: In all industries, some of the most common injuries are those caused by tripping or slipping and falling. Sprains, strains, bone breaks, head injuries, and more can all happen if a worker trips.
  • Overexertion: Doing too much at once at work without resting can lead to serious overexertion injuries that require medical attention and time off, especially in physically demanding roles.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Completing the same work task over and over can result in repetitive stress injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by hours of using a keyboard each week is a common example of a repetitive stress injury that is caused by what seems like a simple and stress-free task.
  • Equipment injuries: Defective or unsafe equipment can lead to serious injuries like lacerations, broken bones, and amputations. The construction and manufacturing industries tend to require workers to work around heavy equipment that is capable of creating life-changing injuries.
  • Toxic exposure: If a worker is regularly exposed to toxic substances, it can eventually lead to serious illnesses and permanent diseases. For example, asbestos is still used in some industrial processes, even though repeated exposure to it can cause incurable mesothelioma.
  • Electrical injuries: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that electrical injuries are among the most common and dangerous in New York’s construction industry.
  • Struck-by injuries: When a tool or piece of debris falls from a height or higher level, such as on a construction site, anyone who is struck by that object can suffer a severe or fatal injury.

What are Your Rights If You Get Injured at Work?

If you are injured at work in Queens, NY, you have the right to explore your legal options for compensation and coverage. If you’re covered by workers’ compensation insurance, then you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. You also have legal protection against retaliation for filing a worker's compensation claim. However, if you can file for workers’ comp, you lose the right to file an injury claim against your employer, except in rare circumstances.

If you don’t have workers’ compensation coverage, you have the right to file an injury claim against any party responsible for your work injury. Using this legal avenue to pursue compensation requires you to prove liability, which is not required in a workers’ comp case.

How Much Can You Recover in Workers’ Comp Benefits?

The benefits that you can recover through a workers’ compensation claim will depend on your work injury, how it has affected your livelihood, and the extent of the insurance coverage. Our Queens work injury attorneys can review the workers’ comp coverage available to you, so you can know the type and extent of benefits that should be recoverable.

Workers’ compensation benefits after a work injury will usually provide:

  • Medical coverage: The full amount of medical treatment costs you need for care related to your work injury should be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Even if you need months or years of rehabilitative care, workers’ comp benefits should pay for those treatments, not you.
  • Pay replacement: When a work injury stops an injured worker from continuing to go to work and earn a living, workers’ compensation benefits may include pay replacement. Such benefits can be granted on a temporary basis or might reflect the needs of someone who has been permanently disabled.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: If a work injury stops some but not all work, vocational rehabilitation benefits might be provided, which can pay for costs related to being retrained or re-educated to start a new role or career.

What Do You Do If a Coworker Caused Your Injury?

If a coworker caused your injury at work in Queens, New York, you should first seek immediate medical attention. Document the injury, the circumstances around it, and any subsequent medical treatment. Next, report the incident to your supervisor or employer as soon as possible, ideally in writing, so there is a record of your claim.

When you’ve been treated for your injuries, call (718) 487-8669 to talk to our Queens work injury attorneys. We can determine if you can file for workers’ compensation and/or file an injury claim against any liable parties. Although, your coworkers’ negligence is likely to be considered an extension of your employer’s negligence, and eligibility for workers’ comp means ineligibility for a civil injury claim against your employer. In other words, if your coworker accidentally hurt you at work, you likely won’t be able to sue them or your employer for your harm and losses.

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Our team at Harris Firm is committed to securing the compensation and coverage you need after a work injury in Queens or another NYC borough. We can create comprehensive legal strategies capable of standing up to scrutiny and challenges from any opposing party, such as a stubborn employer or insurance company. No matter what your injury case needs to succeed, we strive to make sure one thing is clear: We work for you and to ensure you feel empowered to make the best decisions as your case develops.

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